Posted by: buyandsellcemeteryplots | July 15, 2007

Plot Shortage!

Amount of land we have in the United States is finite and will someday run out.

Think about this:  When is the last time you were driving through an area where they were building a new cemetery?  The universal answer is that it’s not happening as much anymore.  But why?   It’s no secret:  land developers in the United States are looking at land from a profit point view.  This means that it is more profitable to build housing projects, shopping malls, and corporation headquarters.  There is no doubt that each one of us enjoys our homes, favorite restaurants, and the conveniences of shopping at the corner grocery store.

Did you know?…As of the 2000 census, there were over 281 million people in the United States? 

Have you ever stopped to wonder what will happen when the time comes to secure a cemetery plot for you or your family?  If you don’t plan now for the eventuality of needing to buy cemetery plots, you may well be in competition for land in reputable cemeteries and pay way too much.  This may be the best case scenario if you wait!

Worse, you may even leave your family in the horrible position of having to decide where to buy cemetery plots for you and your spouse.  What if there is only one space left in the area you have chosen?  Do you really want for your loved ones to have to make the decision to buy a cemetery plot in their time of suffering? 

Consider the words of T. Heller:  I had just lost my wife and needed a plot in her family cemetery as I had promised. I called them and they had nothing available. My next option was Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots. I found the plot I promised her and closed the deal in days. Thank you so much. You helped me fill my last promise to my wife.

The patient, experienced BuyandSellCemeteryPlots team is waiting to help you buy the cemetery plot that will give you peace of mind that your final resting place is assured.  Tell your loved ones how much you loved them by making your plans today!  Contact BuyandSellCemeteryPlots for help to buy a cemetery plot that secures your peace of mind!


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