Posted by: buyandsellcemeteryplots | July 28, 2007

Pre-Planning for Pre-Need?

Over and over again, people are caught short by a tragedy or unexpected illness that requires quick funeral planning and decisions at a time when grief is strongest.  Although it is a common human experience to look at life instead of death, many Americans are still struggling with the reasons to plan their funerals.  Most people look at planning for a funeral as a “what if” proposition, but everyone will need a final resting place.  Without good pre-planning, buying or selling a cemetery plot could cost you thousands more than planned.  Its basic supply and demand!

Did you know?…As noted in the Federal Trade Commissions Funeral Consumer Guide, without preplanning, the average funeral cost can go from $6,000 to $10,000!

Some common reasons for Pre-Planning include:

  • Security of buying cemetery plot / Making Final Arrangement for Family:  Does your family know where you want to be buried?  Do you have cemetery plots reserved with the family members?  There are some difficult questions that every person must make to prepare for their final resting place.  For most people, the last thing they want to do is cause their family additional anxiety and pain in their grief.  BuyandSellCemeteryPlots can give you online access to cemeteries across the US letting you make a choice from the privacy and comfort of your home. Let your pre-planning be an incredible blessing that gives guidance for your family in their hour of need. 
  • Decrease the cost with research and make non-emotional decisions:  When rushed, people often make rash decisions based on first responses.  It is often in these situations where burial costs mount due to additional expenses or the shock of loosing a loved one takes it toll.  Pre-Planning gives you the opportunity to use research tools like BuyandSellCemeteryPlots to buy the cemetery plot that is right for your needs without dealing with sales people.  You can look through thousands of plots and buy a cemetery plot when are comfortable with your decision.  Buying a cemetery plot should not be like buying a car!
  • Ease of changing your mind:  Many people resist pre-planning because they are concerned about being locked into their cemetery plans.  In the past, people let their unused cemetery plots pass down through generations because they had been unsuccessful at selling their cemetery plot OR they did not know that they could try to sell cemetery plots.  Owning a cemetery plot is just like owning a house these days.  Listing your plot through BuyandSellCemeteryPlots gives you the ability to change your mind, but still keep your peace of mind!

The patient, experienced BuyandSellCemeteryPlots team is waiting to help you buy the cemetery plot that will give you peace of mind that your final resting place is assured.  Tell your loved ones how much you loved them by making your plans today!  Contact BuyandSellCemeteryPlots for help to buy or sell a cemetery plot!


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