Posted by: buyandsellcemeteryplots | August 10, 2007

The New Yard Sale

Every year, millions of Americans routinely clean out closets, garages, and “junk rooms.”  With so many cases, they find items that they sell at yard sales or throw away because they know they will never use them again.  More amazing, we keep so many things because we don’t realize that other might want to buy them.  So, we move from one city to another and from house to house accumulating things to fill storage sheds as we go.   When you add in what is given to us by family, friends, and loved ones, it is not surprising that yard sales and flea markets dot the landscaped of the US.

Have you considered…Selling You Cemetery Plot?

Five Signs You Should Sell Your Cemetery Plot

  • Location: Many people buy a cemetery plot in one area only to decide after moving or visiting another area that they like it there better.  Some people wish to be closer to the mountains, family, or away from cities.  Whatever the case, you can change the location of your cemetery plot by selling your current plot.
  • Family:  The definition of family has changed so much in the past few years.  From step families to extended families, many people who have made funeral plans find themselves stuck with a cemetery plot.  Further, they buy another one to be next to a new spouse or children.  You don’t need to loose money because your family has changed.  Sell your cemetery plot today and celebrate your family with new plans.
  • Income:  Making funeral arrangements takes a large chunk out of your income.  You can easily put that money back by selling your cemetery plots.  Your cemetery plot is a land / real estate investment just like your house.  You would not spend part of your income on your house without seeking to get that money back would you?  Don’t settle for less from your cemetery plots.
  • Plans:  When we try to plan for the future, the best we can do is to guess that might be on the horizon.  So often, plans change and people find themselves trying to adapt.  Adapting your cemetery plot plans for your future needs does not have to mean that you loose your investment.  You can sell your cemetery plot and benefit from a change of plans.
  • Where?!?:  Many people receive their cemetery plots as apart of a will from a relative.  Therefore, they don’t even know where the plot is located or what it is worth.  Many people put the deed to inherited cemetery plots into a lockbox and never think about them again.  Dig that deed out of the lock box and sell your plot.

Shaking your head in agreement with these five major signs that you should sell your Cemetery Plot?  But…you don’t know where to start!  That is the easy part.  You can start to regain your investment by selling your cemetery plot with the experienced professionals at BuyandSellCemeteryPlots.  Just getting people to look at your cemetery plot won’t help unless they actually want a cemetery plot, and that’s where our innovative targeted advertising strategy sets to work. 

Did you know?…We use over 150 dedicated domain names specifically targeted to the cemetery plot resale market, so that whenever someone searches a phrase like “buy a cemetery plot” or “buy a burial plot,” the chances are many times better that they’ll find your plot through BuyandSellCemeteryPlots than by any other method.  Individuals and industry professionals from over 22 thousand Funeral Homes nationwide are funneled to your cemetery plot display.

Let BuyandSellCemeteryPlots help your sell your cemetery plot today!


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