Posted by: buyandsellcemeteryplots | September 2, 2007

Lifetime, Money Back Guarantees

Wouldn’t it be nice if life came with a money back guarantee?  It would be easier to make a commitment and take advantage of opportunities when they are available.  We would be more inclined to make plans and take chances in our lives…because…after all, we have a lifetime, money back guarantee right?  Many times, people avoid making funeral plans because they wait for the perfect time when the decisions will be easier.

Most people buy a cemetery plot as part of their pre-planning for a funeral

Some events that can cause the need to sell a cemetery plot:

  • Marriage / Divorce:  It is not at all uncommon that people want to be buried next to those loved ones with which they spent their lives.  In the case of a new marriage, funeral plans can result in the need to sell a cemetery plot to get a joint plot for the newly married couple.  When a family dissolves due to divorce, selling a cemetery plot can be advantageous because cemetery plots are considered substantial real estate investments.
  • Additions to the Family:  When new members enter the family either through the birth of children or extended families, funeral plans might need to be adjusted to accommodate new members.  Instead of starting a new plan with each new addition and loosing the money of the initial investment, many families choose to sell a cemetery plot and fund a new funeral plan.  Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots can help you get the money you invested in your funeral plans by selling your cemetery plot.
  • Relocation:  It is uncommon to meet someone who has not moved at least once in their life.  From a relocation to be near family to a new job, the average person will move several times in their lifetime.  However, this should not keep you from making your pre-need plans to protect yourself and your family.  With Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots, you can sell a cemetery plot to meet the needs of your family without consideration to “what happens if we move?”
  • Inherited Plots:  Because most people do not know that they can sell a cemetery plot, funeral plots are passed down through generations.  Many times locked away in safes and lock boxes, contacting Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots can help you sell a cemetery plot in a completely safe, secure manner.  Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots handles all of the paperwork, marketing, and sales to sell a cemetery plot.  All you have to do is contact Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots today to take advantage of those unclaimed dollars.

When life events change funeral plans, you can sell a cemetery plot that is a part of previous plans.  Don’t be penalized by loosing the money invested in pre-planning for your future needs.  While there is never a money back guarantee, you can refuse to loose your hard earned money by selling a cemetery plot that you no longer need.

Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots is waiting to help you sell a cemetery plot today!


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