Posted by: buyandsellcemeteryplots | November 11, 2007

Protecting Yourself

Is there anyone who has missed the stories splashed across CNN or MSN about the incidents of online fraud?  More and more today, people find themselves all over the internet with a trail email addresses and online purchase histories that follow them from one screen to another.  This does not include the malicious intent of phishing emails aimed at gathering your information to sell or to use for the purpose of stealing your identity.  Well meaning customers are cheated out of billions of dollars every year.

For most people, the very idea of buying or selling a cemetery plot online is a new concept.  As long as the web has been selling products to consumers, sites have been proclaiming to sell cemetery plots online.  In actuality, competitor’s sites only list your cemetery plot for sale with a short caption of your name and contact information under a description.  By opening your personal information up for millions of people to view online without a filtering system, customers of those online cemetery plot posting boards are exposing themselves to pirates looking to gather information.

With this in mind, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots has taken the extra steps of protecting clients from non-buyers by handling all of the filtering and screening of contacts interested in a buying a cemetery plot.  As the point of contact for clients, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots protects the identity of clients with a staff of experts in the funeral industry trained to handle all aspects of the marketing, sales, listing, legal, and financial efforts. 

Even before becoming a customer of Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots,  we provide each visitor with a free copy of our valuable white paper “How to Buy or Sell Cemetery Plots Safely Online” to give buyers and sellers of cemetery plots security in their buying and selling decisions. Already downloaded by thousands of visitors, the informative free white paper “How to Buy or Sell Cemetery Plots Safely Online” teaches visitors how to buy or sell their cemetery plot without risk to themselves.

With the added security of Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots and the educational, enlightening free white paper “How to Buy or Sell Cemetery Plots Safely Online,” Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots seeks to protect our clients in every way possible.  ContactBuy and Sell Cemetery Plots today to meet our professional sales staff waiting to help you maximize your decision to buy or sell a cemetery plot!


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