Posted by: buyandsellcemeteryplots | December 2, 2007

Legal Ease!

The mere contemplation of buying or selling a cemetery plot seems like a huge endeavor for most people.  At first, it seems quite easy.  Like selling a car, you list your cemetery plot in the newspaper or put it on one of the internet posting boards.  Either way, your ad to sell cemetery plots gets lost in the hundreds of other ads because it looks just like everyone else’s.  So, after months of frustration, you give up and decide instead of selling your cemetery plot, you will just put it back into the lock box. 

What has happened here?  You have lost money by not selling your cemetery plot and having to pay for your listing to sell your cemetery plot.  But, when selling a cemetery plot, there is another hidden way to loose money.  Few people are truly prepared for the type of legal and financial specialty needed to sell a cemetery plot.  So, when faced with the overwhelming decisions and complicated legal issues regarding a cemetery plot transfer of ownership, most people have to hire outside help to finish the paperwork and make sure all financial transactions are legally binding when selling a cemetery plot.

When you use Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots, not only do you get our top notch, experienced marketing and sales team ready to step in with proven methods to sell your cemetery plot, Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots also provides complete legal and financial services to make sure all transfers and escrow are legal.  From the assuring the first transfer of funds is complete and safely in escrow for sellers of cemetery plots to creation of documents to make sure that the sale is 100% legal, those who choose Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots to sell a cemetery plot have decided to have the Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots team of experts with years of field tested experience on their side.

You don’t have to loose money by advertising on cemetery sales sites that do not work or hiring extra consultants to make sure your transaction is legal.  Once you have listed your cemetery plot for sale with Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots, we will handle all of the legal matters to put you at ease.  Contact Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots today to meet our professional sales staff waiting to help you maximize your decision to buy or sell a cemetery plot!

Don’t forget to get your free copy of our informative white paper “How to Buy or Sell Cemetery Plots Safely Online”.


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