Posted by: buyandsellcemeteryplots | December 16, 2007

Why Would I Plan My Own Final Funeral and Cemetery Arrangements?

Why do you make final funeral and cemetery arrangement plans? It is something everyone thinks about at some point. Yes, everyone, at some time, maybe at the funeral of a friend, and maybe in a time of sickness. It is not unusual.

A good option it is to pre-plan with a funeral home or cemetery. This works pretty well, but it’s not cheap and you will have to budget monthly payments unless you can’t pay for it all at once.

This will provide you with a peace of mind one can reasonably expect when you are planning, or even just thinking about your death. Although not very comforting, but you choose the kind of death care and price your are going to get.

The funeral and cemetery arrangement business is nearly a fifty billion dollar a year business today. Over 22,000 funeral homes, 10,000 cemeteries with public, private, religious and commercial properties scattered throughout the United States.

If you are thinking about being cremated you’re not alone as hundreds of thousands of people are making this decision. You may be disappointed to learn cremation arrangements aren’t going down in price.

Cremation is growing as a choice throughout the country. The law of supply and demand drives prices and cremation is no exception. Although the price is rising, it is still less than regular types of death care choices.

Get a good idea of what you’d like to take place for your moment of honored dignity. Figure out the costs. Either take out an insurance policy to cover the arrangements or make sure there is enough in your accounts to cover it. I recommend that you plan on being around for awhile awhile, so whatever it cost, will probably double in the next 10 years.

Make sure you work with a professional funeral and cemetery arrangement company. They will show you what you need to have in a comprehensive arrangement plan, and offer a way to make sure it could get to the loved ones who will have to implement your plan when the time comes. You, will also get a very good idea of what you may have to pay, once you know what you want.

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