Posted by: buyandsellcemeteryplots | December 23, 2007

Tips on Buying a Cemetery Plot

Buying a cemetery plot can be done ahead of an impending funeral or death. In fact, many people are now purchasing their burial plots many years before their death to lessen the impact of financial hardships for family. Most people usually have the funeral home handle the arrangements, but more and more people are finding the benefits of doing it themselves and making it a more personal experience.

1) The first step in making the arrangements is choosing a cemetery. This decision is often made by family preference. One things to keep in mind is that the size and price of plots can vary from one cemetery to another.  A great place to compare cemeteries and view the beauty is

2) Once you decide on the cemetery you can view the available plots online or make a trip to your final resting place. You will be able to look around and find a spot you desire.  Usually the best price and be found online and Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots has a wide selection of cemeteries and plots to choose from.

3) When choosing your burial plots location be sure to compare the prices of the different burial plot options. You usually can save money by forgoing the ocean view. Just like real estate, cemetery plots with a “view” go for more than those without the view.

4) If you are price conscious, or want to do something a bit unique consider mausoleums or above ground burials, scattering gardens, or cremation burial plots. These options and others like are usually less expensive than regular burial plots.

5)  When discussing price make sure you find out all the costs involved. If you work with Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots you always know the exact costs upfront.

6) A great way to plan ahead is to prepare for the WHOLE family or certain family members.  If certain family members want to be buried together you’ll save money by purchasing multiple plots at the same time with the same cemetery. 

A few things to keep in mind.

The small or more exclusive the cemetery the sooner you need to plan ahead.

Some cemeteries have rules about what can or can’t be put on the headstone.  Be clear of these rules before you choose the cemetery.

For more information on buying or selling cemetery plots visit


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